Golf balls should affect your golf score, not your wallet


Are your golf balls under par for the score you’d like to achieve on the golf course? Golf isn’t just for the pros. Tons of amateur golfers seek to play a better game, but may not realize that something as simple as the golf balls they use could result in a better handicap. Several balls on the market meet the needs of golfers with varying skill levels and many without the costly price tag you might expect.

Golf balls are the one piece of equipment you use in every stroke you take on the course. If you’re prone to losing your balls during play, you’d probably rather not spend $50 or more per dozen when you can get the same results for less.

You should consider many golf ball aspects, including core, layer construction, dimple design, cover, spin control and compression. Simply put, important external components are the cover and dimple design and vital internal components consist of the core and layer construction.

The majority of golf ball covers are generally made of either urethane or Surlyn. While both are synthetic materials, urethane is thinner and softer, allowing for more control, and Surlyn is usually harder and used for gaining more distance while delivering less spin. In regards to dimples, the larger and more shallow the dimple, the higher flight the ball achieves.

Internally, a stiffer core allows greater spin and a larger core produces higher power and increased speeds. Concerning layer construction, a two-layered ball is often best for beginners. Alternatively, a multi-layered ball is more complex with expanded control that professionals need to perfect their game.

When comparison shopping for golf balls, keep in mind your handicap and performance levels, swing speed and the price of the balls compared to the overall value you receive.

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