Perfecting your golf swing – increasing your drive power


Few athletic movements combine as many factors as the golf swing — which is part of what makes it so difficult to substantially improve once you have the basics down. Whether you’re striving for more accuracy, more distance, or both, improving your golf swing is a tough task. For improving your drive power, keep these two points in mind:

1) There are two key factors involved in determining the power of your drive. One, the mechanics of your swing – the coiling and uncoiling motion of your body. Two, the raw power of your body. The two combine to determine the movement speed of the head of the club, which in turn determines just how far the ball is going to go. The mechanics essentially act as the go-between for your muscle power and the ball; bring the two together, and you get longer drives.

2) To make a powerful drive occur, you need a combination of traits working in concert: flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. If you know yourself to be lacking in any one of these, you should find a way to develop it over time. Doing so will naturally strengthen your golf swings.

Essentially, your golf swing will be as powerful as the weakest link in the chain of traits mentioned here. Develop your body and skill together at the same time, focusing on your weaknesses, and as that lowest level improves, your swing power will improve.

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